New Zealand Climate Change Centre

The New Zealand Climate Change Centre (NZCCC) is a joint initiative by New Zealand’s Crown Research Institutes and three universities (Massey University, the University of Canterbury, and Victoria University of Wellington).

Our goal:

"To enhance the capacity of New Zealand, both domestically and in partnership with other countries, to anticipate, mitigate, and adapt to climate change."

We facilitate:

"Collaboration to develop, communicate, and apply science-based solutions to climate change-related issues."

Here you will find:

  • information about climate change
  • NZCCC activities & outputs
  • current research being carried out by NZCCC member organisations
  • a searchable database linking you to active climate change researchers and research
  • information about climate change-related events going on around New Zealand.

Carbon Markets for Climate Scientists (Workshop Presentations)

Over recent years, as the interest in climate change has increased, climate scientists and practitioners have delivered presentations to colleagues and to the public, or have debated with friends across the dinner table. While uncertainty remains around aspects of climate change science, the fundamental principles underpinning the climate system remain largely uncontroversial. 

New Resource A World First

National, regional and local authorities will benefit from a world-first resource developed by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) alongside NIWA, Landcare Research, Massey and Waikato Universities, Australian universities and the World Health Organisation.

The new Health Analysis and Information for Action (HAIFA) resource contains a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) that will help users anticipate and assess the infectious disease consequences of climate change.

IPCC AR5 Working Group I Stakeholder Workshop - Video Available

On Friday 11 October Working Group I Co-chair Thomas Stocker was joined by other New Zealand lead authors at a Stakeholder Workshop at the Royal Society of New Zealand to present highlight's and discuss key findings from the recently approved 'Physical Science Basis' Fifth Assessment Report.  Further information including a video of the entire session is available here.